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The Criminal Law Online Blog will be providing links to some of the most important cases in the criminal law of England & Wales. They are categorised by subject matter Рsee the list of categories on the right  ->

Make a comment, start a discussion or ask a question about a particular case by using the comments box below each case note.

The list will be updated regularly. If you would like to be informed as cases are added please subscribe by email using the link on the right hand navigation panel.


The Annual QED Law revision seminars will take place in April and May 2012 at University College London. They are extremely popular and early booking is recommended. For more information CLICK HERE

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  1. The online powerpoint recordings are excellent. The senses of sight as well as hearing are used as an aid to learning. I like the format. It is the tried and trusted method of explanation’, ‘demonstration’ and ‘confirmation’. They are more effective, in my view, ‘than audio recordings alone (through Law in a Box) (or a ‘talking head’ reading from a script) since I have found that in the audio recordings used on an ipod, if you miss or foget the case name at the very start of the exposition, you will get the principle of law established with nothing to ‘hang it on’ since the case name is rarely mentioned again during the exposition of the ratio. (Try rewinding an Ipod! or a disc for that matter!) With online powerpoint system, it can be paused and if the connection is lost, the system will allow one to pick up where one left off. I would definately like to see the online power-point recordings on this site extended. It is a far better aide to learning and retention in my view.

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